What is a rollator

Posted by James Deng on

A rollator is a frame that has four wheels, brakes, handlebars, and a seat that gives you support when walking.

The built-in seat allows you to sit and stop to rest when needed.

Unlike a walker that needs to be lifted continuously to step forward, the swivel wheels in a rollator allow you to move forward quickly. The included hand brakes will enable you to control your walking speed. 

A rollator is also referred to as a rolling walker or a wheeled walker but not to be confused with a walker.


When to Use a Rollator?

A rollator is useful if you can walk but need a little help with support when walking. If you need rest and take a break often, the built-in seat comes in handy. 


It helps you carry any necessities such as an oxygen tank or personal belongings by attaching a basket or a pouch.

Additionally, a rollator is also very useful if you have weak arms or grip. You need decent arm strength to be able to grab and lift a walker to step forward constantly.

If you have issues with balance and stability, you should not use a rollator and use a walker instead.

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